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“And get one of them to teach you how to make tea.”

Arianna (Awoken/Hunter/Gunslinger): No one knows whether the perfectly intact Awoken ship found in a slowly decaying orbit around Venus by Dead Orbit was piloted by a deserter or a secret agent: not even its now-resurrected pilot can answer that question, but given the wiped computer banks and top-notch armaments for both the ship and its commander, there’s reason to suspect the latter. Of course the Reef will never say, and her overtures to the Reef for more information were met with stony silence, even after the Wolves snapped their chains.

When Arianna’s frozen corpse was reanimated by a passing Ghost, she demanded the ship and weapons back, and Dead Orbit decided it was in their best interest to stay out of the Guardian’s way. Since joining the Valehrjar, she has become the unofficial right-hand of Farstride’s command.

“Sir” Drake (Awoken/Warlock/Voi9b0e2-w3l9dlhdwalker): Drake’s origins remain shrouded in mystery: whether he has connections to the royalty of the Reef is a question without a clear answer, thanks to the the legendary reticence of the Awoken and the ravages of time. Nevertheless his friends in the Vanguard gave him the moniker “Sir”, and it stuck. While not talkative about his own past, he has made an impression on his comrades for having a cool head under fire, and shows a deep understanding of the Light that even older Guardians can respect.


“…and that’s how I saved the world.”

Farstride (Human/Titan/Defender): Farstride jokingly called his Ghost a Valkyrie shortly after he was resurrected. Eventually, like many of the City’s population, he drew enough parallels to settle into the idea of Norse mythology and its influences. Farstride spent years fighting for the Vanguard, garnering a reputation for easy victories and sound judgement. He formed a coalition of Guardians he named the Valherjar: The Chosen Dead. Preferring to delegate, he leaves much of the group’s day to day operations to his troops and focuses on building them into a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Findlay (Human/Titan/Striker): The youngest of the Valherjar, Findlay was resurrected just prior to the SIVA crisis. His baptism by fire in helping to quell the Plaguelands would bring him into contact with the scouts of the clan who, impressed by his caution and forethought (for a Titan), recommended his addition to the Valherjar. Findlay takes his time on the Wall seriously, and is eager to prove himself to both the City and the Chosen Dead.

Gwendolyn (Awoken/Warlock/Sunsinger): Dedicated to research on the writings and literature of the Golden Age, Gwendolyn was resurrected during the building of the Last City. Although a veteran of the Iron Banner, the Warlock spent little time beyond the Walls and was largely untested in the field prior to the Sack of the City during the Red War.

Heisenberg-3 (Exo/Titan/Sunbreaker): One of the recent Sunbreakers present in the City during the Great Hive War, the silent and ominous Heisenberg is known for a destructive presence on the battlefield…and little else. Whether he was a Sunbreaker before the gold banners returned to the City or if he took up the discipline afterward is something he does not discuss. One thing is for certain: when Heisenberg knocks, his enemies listen.

House (Human/Hunter/Bladedancer): “Speaker”, or “House” to avoid confusion with the Speaker for the Traveler, carries more of his history with him than the average Guardian. His Ghost found him in a large, well-appointed crypt: although the inscription was much faded and worn, the words “…Speaker for the House -59 to…” could be made out. He had been buried in tailored clothes and a saber had been laid in his coffin. Once revived, he took the sword with him to the City. He joined Dead Orbit early on and became a vocal advocate for shaping humanity’s future, and thus caught the eye of the Valherjar, later recruited just before the Wolf Rebellion began.

Magnus (Human/Warlock/Stormcaller): The most experienced of the Valherjar, Magnus has fought battles that some of his comrades never even saw. Some even say he fought at the Twilight Gap, but that is not something he confirms…or denies. Like Lord Shaxx, Magnus has taken years of experience on the field and focused it on the Crucible, honing himself into a weapon of the Light with few rivals, and even fewer equals. While his fire-team leaders find him difficult to corral, by the same token they rarely need to: often it is better to simply let him bring the pain. In spite of his long years of experience, Magnus shows little inclination to lead. He worships the Light through his actions, not his words or position.

Miranda (Awoken/Hunter/Nightstalker): Miranda was found on the Moon by her Ghost in the wreckage of a destroyed outpost. Her survival and return to the City was no small tale in itself: sneaking aboard a Fallen Ketch and then hijacking a skiff to the surface, and then a long trek through the wilderness to the City with the aid of human settlements. She stole weapons or cobbled them from scratch, even making an old-world bow to fight and hunt, and as such, was a natural choice to learn the ways of a Nightstalker.

zVTFfAWMorc-35 (Exo/Hunter/Bladedancer): An Exo Hunter returned to life during the events of the original Destiny story, Morc-35 develops an insatiable curiosity about the Darkness and the nature of Light. In his quest he joins with other Guardians to fight in the ancient war between Darkness and Light. Presumed KIA during the Sack of the Last City in the Red War.

Telrik (Human/Titan/Striker): Telrik arrived at the Tower in the wake of the battle at Secj8B7Twilight Gap. Taking up his duties with a righteous zeal, he developed a reputation as a white knight who stood above the petty politics that embroiled the Tower in the more tumultuous days. When at last he aligned himself with the Chosen Dead, he established himself as a pillar of its operations, organizing its members into effective fire teams. He also spent many of his days in the Crucible, training and sometimes recruiting new members.


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